The MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority) has announced that Split tolling will begin at the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge on December 1, 2020.

Split tolling does not change the effective round-trip toll!

Only the location of toll collection is changing:

  1. The toll will no longer be doubled in the westbound direction.
  2. The toll will be collected in each direction.

The current Staten Island-bound toll is currently $12.24 with E-ZPass and $19 for everyone else.

Beginning Dec. 1:

  • Non-Staten Island residents who use E-ZPass will pay $6.12 in both the Staten Island and Brooklyn directions
  • Staten Island residents will be charged just $2.75 to cross the bridge in either direction.
  • All other drivers will pay $9.50 in each direction.

There were many drivers who used a toll-free route through Manhattan, clogging up the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway and Manhattan’s Canal Street. Now it will cost money traveling both ways, so the hope is this will reduce traffic through Staten Island.